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SWCCA proposed trail expansions

Boggy Draw - McPhee Overlook trail, 9 miles proposed by SWCCA

This proposal was approved and the trail was fully constructed throughout 2016-2017

Boggy Draw trails expansion 2004/2009/2011, 26.6 miles proposed by SWCCA

This proposal (with some modifications) has been approved and is ready to be constructed.  Please watch for emails and Facebook posts for ways to help SWCCA get these built!

Boggy Draw Trails Expansion: 
Final Decition: 
Final Decision Maps:

Phil's World trails expansion, 2005/2009/2011/2014, proposed by KBC/SWCCA

This proposal was approved. Currently it has been appealed by a neighbor but a stay request was denied indicating they are unlikely to prevail so construction is moving forward. Please watch for emails and Facebook posts for ways to help SWCCA get these built! 

Mancos area trails

SWCCA is working closely with the Mancos Trails Group on projects around Mancos.
Mancos Trails Group

High Country trail maintenance projects

SWCCA works closely with the Rico Trail Aliance to advocate for new and improved high country trails.

SWCCA proposes maintenance and reroutes to make trails ridable uphill to the Colorado Trail and Calico #208 both from Hwy 145.  There are tons of trails that can be ridden down but not up by mountain bikes so we are stuck with riding up roads. The following two trails seem to be the most realistic ones to start with based on the information we have so far by fixing them up to be ridable with the standard average grade of 10% and no more than 15%: Lower Ryman #735: From the Hwy 145 to the Colorado trail. This is the shortest reasonable trail to the Colorado Trail and it would also make a nice Ryman #735>Colorado Trail>Salt #559.2 loop.  Or access many of the other trails along the Colorado Trail to create a loop or shuttle like Grindstone #608/Bear Creek or Circle Trail to return to Hwy 145. Tenderfoot #644: From Hwy 145 to Calico #208. It gets riders up high enough on Calico #208 that a loop could be accomplished by descending one of the many other trails back southwest to Hwy 145. Schoolhouse #660 and Section House #200 just don’t get up high enough.  Tenderfoot #644 has some ridable sections at the bottom but would require significantly better switchbacks and grades at the top.  Since the trail at the top is almost non-existent the route is not really well established anyway so there is an opportunity to build a sustainable trail without abandoning one that had a bunch of previous work done. Also, because Tenderfoot goes up higher it is realistic to get over to Priest Gulch Tr, Wildcat #207, Burnett Creek Tr, Eagle Peak/Stoner Mesa #624 or continue northeast on Calico #208 to access the many other  trails. There is a downhill section when going southwest on Calico #208 that would be great to fix/reroute as well. It’s like riding in a riverbed and fairly miserable even going downhill. Also the Tenderfoot #644 trailhead is not far from Ryman #735 so it's reasonable to access both from the same trailhead when camping or doing a loop utilizing trails on both sides of the river valleys.



Southwest Colorado Cycling Association SWCCA is a registered nonprofit organization. Formerly Kokopelli Bike Club.
Members are primarily from southwest Colorado in the Cortez, Dolores, Mancos and Durango area.
Local trails include Phil's World, Boggy Draw, Sand Canyon, Bear Creek, Stoner Mesa, Calico, Colorado Trail, Blackhawk, East Fork, Salt and many more.
Members range from serious endurance racers to occasional cyclists and include both mountain and road bikers.
The SWCCA benefits the area in many ways. It leases property where a significant portion of Phil's world is located and pays for the required insurance. Members volunteer for trail maintenance and trail building using the extensive collection of tools purchased by the club. The club keeps members informed about important land use meetings and projects requiring comments to maintain mountain bike access. It has also proposed many new trail plans to the land managers and member support and input is critical.
The club also promotes a variety of local races including endurance, cross country and cyclocross.
Simply put, if the SWCCA didn't exist most of the trails you ride would not be there. Thank you for your support!!!!!
Copyright 3/2016 Southwest Colorado Cycling Association. Photos provided by Dean Howard.