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USFS News Release Rx Burn Boggy Draw June2019 (Click Button for more info)
Boggy Draw Prescribed Burn June 2019 Temporary Closure Map
Please search the SWCCA Facebook page for trail updates  (Log into your Facebook account,  go to the SWCCA Facebook page, select "Posts" from the left menu on the SWCCA Facebook page.  Enter a keyword, like the trail name, in the "Search for posts on this Page" box on the right side of the page.  All the posts related to your keyword will be displayed but be sure to check the dates to make sure the post is from the current season.)
Please also post any observations regarding trail conditions that would be helpful to other users on this Facebook page.  Remember that "ridable" is not slogging through mud on a significant portion of the route creating ruts and other damage that can sometimes take months to smooth out or fix!!!!  


Local bike shop for up to date information:



Southwest Colorado Cycling Association SWCCA is a registered nonprofit organization. Formerly Kokopelli Bike Club.
Members are primarily from southwest Colorado in the Cortez, Dolores, Mancos and Durango area.
Local trails include Phil's World, Boggy Draw, Sand Canyon, Bear Creek, Stoner Mesa, Calico, Colorado Trail, Blackhawk, East Fork, Salt and many more.
Members range from serious endurance racers to occasional cyclists and include both mountain and road bikers.
The SWCCA benefits the area in many ways. It leases property where a significant portion of Phil's world is located and pays for the required insurance. Members volunteer for trail maintenance and trail building using the extensive collection of tools purchased by the club. The club keeps members informed about important land use meetings and projects requiring comments to maintain mountain bike access. It has also proposed many new trail plans to the land managers and member support and input is critical.
The club also promotes a variety of local races including endurance, cross country and cyclocross.
Simply put, if the SWCCA didn't exist most of the trails you ride would not be there. Thank you for your support!!!!!
Copyright 3/2016 Southwest Colorado Cycling Association. Photos provided by Dean Howard.